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Fabulous WomEntrepreneurs

How can YOU, as a Woman, thrive in your business while finding your balance with yourself, your family, your home, and your health?

Yudelky Escorbores & Nadine Bdil

Founders of

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We Believe...

We are WomENtrepreneurs and we do things differently.

We don't want to choose between career and family, and we don't let anybody make us feel guilty for wanting to be there for our kids.  In fact, we embrace just the opposite.  We know you can have it all, and we have products and services that empower women to get it ALL.


This is our life and we take charge of it!


We don't fight against the system, we change it from within.  We don't wage forceful wars, we do things smarter.  We unite and form one voice.  We know the changes we want, and they start with ourselves.  We ask questions and highlight outdated patterns.  We invoke, activate, suggest, incorporate, and strategize change.  And we live it.


If you'd ask some people, they'd tap on our shoulders and show us how far we've come.  We know we're not there yet, but we know where we want go.  We look forward, are unstoppable, and make things happen.


Together, we build solid partnerships....


We are WomEntrepreneurs and this is our life!

A Holistic Approach...

Business is part of my life.  I'm happy to be at work and at home.  It's important that they're both present, they are truly inseparable... I'm so thankful to finally find the words to describe it!

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